3 Responses to Contact

  1. Anonymous says:


    Can you place the last chapter- that is, the “Conclusion” on this site for fan replies/suggestions?

    Also, if one has already read Version 1.0, does one really need to also read Version 1.1? In other words, were the changes significant enough to require a re-reading of those “revised” chapters?


  2. Peter says:

    Zander, I heard you on American Free Press Radio today being interviewed by Deanna Spingola on her show the Spingola Zone: – you were articulate, coherent, precise, pleasing to the ear, measured, spontaneous, well informed, on topic, and informative. I especially like the way you pulled the historical golden thread of Zionism in world events up to the present day, putting 9/11, for example in context. I haven’t read your book yet, but I’ve downloaded it and look forward to reading it. I like your source links and your placement of them. Very intuitive. I’d recommend your book to anyone interested in alternative news or “revisionist” history. I couldn’t find you on Twitter. Your name has not yet been hijacked, you might want to grab it while it’s still available.

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